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Titan N2 are featured in the current edition (Nov-Dec 2017) of Industrial Process News as The ‘Specialist Manufacturer of the Month’, online sister publication to Process and Control Magazine.

The ‘Specialist Manufacturer of the Month’ feature centres on Titan N2 as a leading supplier of industrial nitrogen generators and high purity nitrogen generators.

The article outlines Titan N2’s expertise in the design and manufacture of analytical and process gas generators and the range of both bespoke and off the shelf generators they produce on behalf of their clients.

It answers the question ‘How does a Nitrogen generator work? by detailing that they force compressed atmospheric air to separate into oxygen and nitrogen via a specially designed Pressure Swing Absorption system. The types of sectors which utilise this technology are varied and includes academic research, food and drink industry, aerospace, chemicals, renewables and energy, packaging, and more.

The most common use of Titan N2’s Nitrogen generators here in the UK and internationally is within laboratory environments, due to the capability of instantly delivering newly produced and pure Nitrogen.

Titan N2’s generators are particularly desirable within laboratory environments because they small, compact and quiet. They are also economic as they are designed to have low operating costs, a long life, and most importantly, a rapid return on investment for the client. Significant cost savings can also be made as clients can produce their own nitrogen on-site, reducing the cost of sourcing nitrogen.

Titan N2 provide a wide range of industrial, small, freestanding or FID nitrogen and gas generators including the HF-Hi Flow Nitrogen Generator, the MaxiFlow Nitrogen Generator and the Mini N2 Nitrogen Generator. The HF-Hi Flow system has been highly received among clients, boasting 99.99% purity despite its remarkably low running costs. The generator can be tweaked to fit the specific needs of the client, even delivering a lower purity percentage if need be.

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