1Why should I choose a gas generator?
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2How does a nitrogen generator work?

All our nitrogen generators use Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology (PSA) to remove O2 from compressed air. Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is the media used within the generator. When CMS is under pressure it adsorbs the O2 molecules, allowing Nitrogen to flow into the system tank and then to the application. The O2 is then exhausted back to the atmosphere where it immediately recombines with the surrounding air.

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3What is included with my generator?
All our generators have a Two Year No Quibble Warranty as standard. We also send an installation kit which includes all the fittings and ancillaries you will need to get up and running.
4Can I install the generator myself?
We designed everything to be plug and play, however, we find most customers take advantage of our installation and commissioning service. One of our team will call you to run through your system’s site requirements and once these have all been confirmed, we’ll arrange a time to install and commission the system for you. This visit can also incorporate any IQ/OQ verification which you need.
5What about servicing?
Whilst the generators have minimal maintenance requirements, we do recommend an annual service. We have a range of service plan options and can tailor the cover to suit. We can also carry out purity checks as part of the service to satisfy your audit requirements.