Innovative solution for the auto-motive industry

Innovative solution for the auto-motive industryCollaborative Approach to Innovation

Titan N2 and Bauer Compressors are collaborating on an innovative solution for the auto-motive industry. The product development will provide turbo-charged injection moulding with the highest level of nitrogen purity and reduce waste from oxidation resulting form the process.


Titan N2 will develop an integrated nitrogen generator and oxygen analyser to provide the highest level of purity. This will deliver 200lb of nitrogen per minute.


Bauer Compressors will then boost this to an incredible 200bar of pressure for the injection moulding process used within the auto-motive manufacturing process.

Innovative solution for the auto-motive industry

The result of this collaboration will be to minimise the risk of oxygen and wastage due to oxygen levels in the injection moulding process and save huge costs for the sector.

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